Iliif's Secrets (pronounced Illy-iff) is about a psychic teenager, Allis, on a remote Scottish isle who invokes the mystical. Soon after, she unwittingly sets off a chain of accidents where she dies and is propelled into a mind-blowing past-life 2,000 years ago with the powerful mystic, Iliif. Allis comes back knowing Iliif's secrets can save her father's life. Now she must face her greatest fear to find Iliif's long lost power crystal.

What readers are saying about Iliif's Secrets

"Awesome. A really, really, really good story. Nothing like it for my age. It's so different." Sarah Doherty, 18, student

"Iliif's Secrets is a charming story, beautifully written. Allis' journey into her former incarnation as a second century Pictish girl, and the melting and melding of time and space, took me beyond the Harry Potter adventures. We are drawn into the worlds upon which they are based; into the Ageless Wisdom and the reality of shamans, mystics, holy women, saints, Sufis, and self-realised yogis, and their very real abilities to manipulate the physical world." Susan Shore - author, 'Death: Our Last Illusion - A Scientific and Spiritual Probing of Consciousness through Death'.

"People will love the ideas in this." Claire Gaskin, poet, 'Paperweight', 'a bud'

...'it's amazing I could barely put it down' Erin Langley, 20s dental receptionist

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